Saturday, 5 January 2013

Necrons - What next?

Back in the mists of time (circa 2003) having just started working for Gee Dub, I was told that we all needed a 2000 point 40k army fully painted.  The reason for this is not clear, but it was some edict from an area manager.

The quickest army I could think of was Necrons (back in the day when they had boltgun metal spray paint). So a quick phone call to the lovely Mail Order trolls and a large box of Necrons was winging its way to the store.  They were duly constructed, painted basically and then stuck in a case and basically forgotten.

But with the release of the book last year (or was it 2011?) I've decided to awaken them like the proverbial necrontyr.

So this is what I have:
40 Warriors
10 Immortals
6 Heavy Destroyers
12(?) Destroyers
2 Monoliths
Lord with Destroyer Body
3 Wraiths
2 Tomb Spiders
Load of scarabs

There might be some more but I think that is it.

The question is, can I make a half competitive army out of this? I dont want a ball breaking tournament list, just something reasonably fluffy but not a walk over.

And, what do I need to get in as few purchases as possible to achieve this?