Saturday, 22 January 2011


First game of 40k for the year and it went with a bang.

Literally... :D

I was playing Mark and his vanilla-pod (see what I did there?) marines down at the Hulls Angels gaming club. I've been looking for a semi-regular venue I can go to ever since I've moved "oop north" and after finding some like minded "geeks" in my local area a while ago, I've finally stumbled across one of Hulls best kept secrets. It's a decent sized venue and I hope to go there more often, work-permitting.

I played using a fairly conservative infantry-based guard force and for a bit of variety I threw in my new plastic manticore and forgeworld medusa.

As the title of this post suggest, I got my arse handed to me. Mark played his marines aggressively and I never got the chance to utilise my strengths, namely my artillery and numbers to full effect.

Here are some slightly out-of-focus pics I took using my iphone. Enjoy!







Sunday, 16 January 2011

New year, new models...

A slightly late happy new year to everyone!

The new year is a time to try new things and correct old ones. So going with this theme I have come up with the following new resolutions:

1) Don't be a twat/be less uptight - quite frankly I need to chill out more both in general terms and when playing games. So this year my aim is to be more chilled out and be a fun opponent.

2) Finish my 40k tyranids. I bought the majority of these about 18 months and then broke my arm which meant painting was painful. No excuses this year!

3) Finish my Epic Imperial Guard and play more Epic. Why? Quite frankly Epic is a great game and deserves more playing time.

4) Start playing Flames of War - don't really know anyone up north who plays it but I have always been interested in World War 2 and I've long been tempted by the game. After much umming and aaaa-ing I finally spent my Christmas present money on couple of small 1500 point armies.

I already have the Open Fire starter set so using that as a basis I purchased the following from Hobby Craft for £38


With a little bit of jiggery-pokery it comes to 1500 points using a bog standard panzerkompanie list from the Fortress Europe list.

I then spent the rest on getting enough tanks for my Polish 1st Armoured Brigade tank company...


More details on these in a future update.

As always any comments are welcome :D