Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

First of all let me wish you all a happy new year and as the saying goes "I wish you enough".

So, it's been a busy few months since my last update. I did get some gaming in - Bolt Action against Doug in which I won pretty much only because he drew his last order die before me - it was payback for the Flames of War win that he got on the last roll of a die; several games of Fantasy including the new multiplayer treachery rules which was unfortunately cut short due to flooding(!).

Finally I got in a great game of Epic Armageddon against my old nemesis and good friend, Gaz - 5k points a side meant we could both roll out the big guns and I managed to destroy both his warlord and reaver titans but his clever use of thunderhawks meant he managed to get a draw in the end. We used the floor mat from Dropzone Commander and a mix of the Epic buildings, plastic ruins and the DZC buildings to create an awesome looking battlefield.

Hobby wise, I've been getting my 40k Valkyries prepared and the Deadzone kickstarter turned up and I have got cracking with this.

Lots of pics below for you all:

 photo 48267C92-99A0-454C-B24F-708B9F289A36_zps17aphm91.jpg

 photo 6D3F61F3-3EB2-4DE9-AA8A-BC8BB6704A33_zps6rx6cvdt.jpg

 photo 115AA3C6-511D-42AC-A6CA-E1728725658E_zps1rievr8z.jpg

 photo 115AA3C6-511D-42AC-A6CA-E1728725658E_zps1rievr8z.jpg

 photo CB0F021B-405B-48F8-AEE9-7A23BE9B9ED6_zpspacdxt77.jpg

 photo 16DA8339-0347-427A-A0CB-E7D3C989FEA2_zpsly9fsxbm.jpg

 photo 0B2EE7F8-3619-473D-8AD2-BB4E521DBA68_zpsn0bq5wz9.jpg

 photo 4BF3EF25-4230-4028-B093-C2B7FD59461E_zpsxtcasbv7.jpg