Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Still painting the smurfs...

Finally got around to finishing my land raider which, like many of my smurfs, I started painting years ago.

It still needs a transfer or two adding.  I went down the route of painting the interior, not to a high standard but enough to give the right effect. I also got the Forgeworld doors because, why not? :)

 photo 0FB1D1F7-DF61-4787-8161-CD3DE08AE669-23501-00000E5F67466E95_zps3503902b.jpg

 photo 8C140D71-33CF-4962-8162-B53583C27093-23501-00000E5F6D4581A1_zps6696e691.jpg

 photo A2E96093-8124-4BB6-8738-CA8511F253B2-23501-00000E5F73D14DF9_zpsd911fe20.jpg

 photo 11CA2A83-B908-4CE9-AD10-7889647744DC-23501-00000E5F7B8C99EC_zpsfb72f1f0.jpg

 photo 250D8016-ECCC-4CC7-81BF-E5A2AD5D12BF-23501-00000E5F87C25347_zps63a974b3.jpg

 photo C0725103-F065-4BCD-A420-C497913998B8-23501-00000E5F8DF6F261_zps88636627.jpg

Comments, crits etc always welcome.

Next up will be either more Smurfs or some ship-based shenanigans