Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Still painting the smurfs...

Finally got around to finishing my land raider which, like many of my smurfs, I started painting years ago.

It still needs a transfer or two adding.  I went down the route of painting the interior, not to a high standard but enough to give the right effect. I also got the Forgeworld doors because, why not? :)

 photo 0FB1D1F7-DF61-4787-8161-CD3DE08AE669-23501-00000E5F67466E95_zps3503902b.jpg

 photo 8C140D71-33CF-4962-8162-B53583C27093-23501-00000E5F6D4581A1_zps6696e691.jpg

 photo A2E96093-8124-4BB6-8738-CA8511F253B2-23501-00000E5F73D14DF9_zpsd911fe20.jpg

 photo 11CA2A83-B908-4CE9-AD10-7889647744DC-23501-00000E5F7B8C99EC_zpsfb72f1f0.jpg

 photo 250D8016-ECCC-4CC7-81BF-E5A2AD5D12BF-23501-00000E5F87C25347_zps63a974b3.jpg

 photo C0725103-F065-4BCD-A420-C497913998B8-23501-00000E5F8DF6F261_zps88636627.jpg

Comments, crits etc always welcome.

Next up will be either more Smurfs or some ship-based shenanigans


  1. Does painting the smurfs ever really end? *stares at 9 drop pods waiting for paint*.....

    Looking really good man. The lighter interior always makes for a lovely contrast IMO.

    One thing I might suggest though is a little more detail on the red lenses and panels. Maybe a dark base with a lighter spot and then a dot of white and a coat of gloss varnish. I find that the little details like that really make the model pop.

  2. Cheers, yeah very true about the numbers of smurfs. You can't see in the pic very well as I'm shit at taking photos, but there is a darker base under the red and the blue lenses-I do need to go back and make it more pronounced/gloss varnish it though.