Monday, 21 July 2014

Like an iceberg...

Like the proverbial iceberg, there is a lot more going on under the surface than it appears hobby-wise.

It has been a busy few months what with my work load increasing quicker than expected after moving into a new area of law (same firm), running, an old friends wedding and just generally spending time with the boy/family including a great holiday in Cornwall (I even got some surfing in-yay!).

So what have I been up to?

I've glued together all of my 1st wave Deadzone models. The plan had been to paint them all but the sheer amount of getting rid of mold lines sadly sapped the mojo on those.

In March/April we started a dystopian wars campaign at the local club which got me into a DW frenzy in the run up to version 2.  I was lucky enough to pick up a decent priced copy from Wayland Games - it's an awesome starter set and worth the money.  Since then I've expanded my FSA massively with a few choice purchases from a few stores selling off boxes at discount prices. I have a huge backlog I'm working my way through.

 photo B7536B33-3004-4A03-BE1E-328727CD29F7_zpsjx7krvk1.jpg

I'm focusing on the air ships a bit more as think they suit brighter colours more.  Here's a WIP shot of one of them.

 photo D17E121F-91E8-423D-B081-F8170D283BBC_zpsenbhfz2w.jpg

X-wing has also had me spending my hard earned pennies but I've not played it enough. I did repaint the rebel transport to make it look a little different though. I also have the Correllian Corvette-awesome looking model and cant wait to try it out!

 photo BBA0C5D8-F927-4A40-8384-613AEFBC9DD9_zpstrolgjfp.jpg

I picked up some infinity models.  These are going to sit on the back burner for now but will probably do something when 3rd edition comes out - I'm a sucker for starter sets so may go with one of those forces instead.

 photo 60EB6A8F-4F9B-4837-9D33-FD9780B6044A_zpsaivrzs94.jpg

And finally, for some reason, when summer rolls around, I seem to hanker after Warmachine.  I have a love-hate relationship with this game.  I love the solidness of the rules but I hate the learning curve. Nevertheless it's a game I am determined to keep plugging away at.  I picked up some more Menoth from a chap at the club who was selling his off to add to my force and I will be painting those up soon - I am aiming for full faction with these.  I also picked up some more Circle models including the Woldwrath whilst on holiday from the Troll Trader in Truro - the aim is to get the force ready for Blood & Oil in November. I've said that before though, so lets see how that works out...

 photo DAA9A67F-5CBD-41CF-85ED-1D14BC6EBBEE_zpsdvyzb6sv.jpg

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

X-wing madness (and a cool conversion)

So, I've recently got in to the X-wing miniatures game.  Why? Well apart from being a big Star Wars fan, the real appeal is that the models are pre-painted. Now we've all heard horror stories of pre-painted minis but these are actually pretty decent.   That's not to say I haven't done a few bits and bobs to enhance the models, mainly a nuln oil wash and a few other bits.

I'm not going to post pictures of my regular ships as well, they're nothing special, but what I will do is post up pics of my converted YT-1900.

I cannot take the credit for this - it's all Nick (Link here for how he did it) - check out his blog to see all the other great stuff he's done.  What I did do though was paint it myself and I think it turned out alright, if I do say so myself...(and I do)

 photo 98C8ABC5-ACCB-46DB-8403-833BFC436AC0_zpsouj2vqzh.jpg

 photo 04320FD6-3D92-4F95-94C4-EAF1F19CCC6F_zpsrvkk6ql5.jpg

 photo C3D34682-E22D-40C9-BFBC-E840E9555E71_zps1eyf6l4j.jpg

And a side by side comparison with the Falcon

 photo A46E9B84-7FB3-421D-81DB-FD32571B1D59_zpsarxzii9h.jpg

Comments always appreciated.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Putting a dent in the Deadzone

I've been slowly working my way through the massive amount of Deadzone models I got from the Kickstarter.  I decided that the best way to do it would be to pick a faction and paint it in full, then move on to another.  Time has been pretty tight this year with my Phase 2 training in Jan/Feb and work being a little manic, so I went with the smallest faction, the Enforcers.  Now Mantic messed up a bit with the models as they were not the ones they had hoped to get to us so they threw in a squad of the standard Enforcers from Warzone.

Now they are not on par with GW models, but they don't deserve a lot of the criticism in internet land that I've heard about and I think they paint up quite well.  I went with a shiny red armour with a matt black body glove for the paint scheme and grey weapons (a very poor first attempt at NMM!)

So without further ado...

 photo 0669BBC5-7B9A-4B9E-952F-D377E49A2D9B_zpsmjmhmyph.jpg

 photo 4761407B-83B0-4232-BDA4-CA3157E354E8_zpsmrjie4lz.jpg

 photo 04EF08EA-81A9-402F-B0E9-D1F1C786E90E_zpsmiazjmls.jpg

 photo D9EE35B1-F427-4916-8721-5ADA7B420728_zpss8g4ikic.jpg

 photo 8D031A65-394D-4CFB-8E19-7C545A931D2A_zpsqga0mchn.jpg

 photo 3C499059-0DCE-4A49-9166-53A9778F73F1_zpsg9cejpjd.jpg

 photo 0110BFC7-E263-4A02-8502-8D7F6B652847_zpsgzfxgb8p.jpg

Comments always welcome :)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

First of all let me wish you all a happy new year and as the saying goes "I wish you enough".

So, it's been a busy few months since my last update. I did get some gaming in - Bolt Action against Doug in which I won pretty much only because he drew his last order die before me - it was payback for the Flames of War win that he got on the last roll of a die; several games of Fantasy including the new multiplayer treachery rules which was unfortunately cut short due to flooding(!).

Finally I got in a great game of Epic Armageddon against my old nemesis and good friend, Gaz - 5k points a side meant we could both roll out the big guns and I managed to destroy both his warlord and reaver titans but his clever use of thunderhawks meant he managed to get a draw in the end. We used the floor mat from Dropzone Commander and a mix of the Epic buildings, plastic ruins and the DZC buildings to create an awesome looking battlefield.

Hobby wise, I've been getting my 40k Valkyries prepared and the Deadzone kickstarter turned up and I have got cracking with this.

Lots of pics below for you all:

 photo 48267C92-99A0-454C-B24F-708B9F289A36_zps17aphm91.jpg

 photo 6D3F61F3-3EB2-4DE9-AA8A-BC8BB6704A33_zps6rx6cvdt.jpg

 photo 115AA3C6-511D-42AC-A6CA-E1728725658E_zps1rievr8z.jpg

 photo 115AA3C6-511D-42AC-A6CA-E1728725658E_zps1rievr8z.jpg

 photo CB0F021B-405B-48F8-AEE9-7A23BE9B9ED6_zpspacdxt77.jpg

 photo 16DA8339-0347-427A-A0CB-E7D3C989FEA2_zpsly9fsxbm.jpg

 photo 0B2EE7F8-3619-473D-8AD2-BB4E521DBA68_zpsn0bq5wz9.jpg

 photo 4BF3EF25-4230-4028-B093-C2B7FD59461E_zpsxtcasbv7.jpg