Thursday, 20 June 2013

More Smurfs!!

The smurf painting mojo continues for the time being whilst I await my Bolt Action goodies (and War Torn). The wife has been moaning about the amount of models I have still on sprue so having learnt the lesson of selling stuff only to regret it, I have instead decided to glue, paint and shove in a case for future usage (or not).

So without further ado - three dreadnoughts with interchangeable weapons (I think the newest kit has more options but these are from 04/05)

 photo E50E0605-BB8C-44A3-BA25-C4355DC7F690-21977-0000103F04043E3B_zps010ad16e.jpg

 photo 103FB3A1-EABC-47EA-9093-9DFF44824053-21977-0000103F179B22A9_zps85f82770.jpg

 photo 67B1C781-2A39-4633-BA6D-0CCC68C1CE9B-21977-0000103F4A801058_zps559fdf47.jpg

 photo A77E683F-B6D2-4C7A-A476-E09BDBCB4019-21977-0000103F755E45C9_zps863884b1.jpg

 photo AF9263A2-6EED-4A6B-BB54-BB93998CB92C-21977-0000103F9E150176_zps072833e8.jpg

 photo 317106FB-79CC-4EB1-A446-3519FD2C4C2D-21977-0000103FB2D4C00E_zps5785e036.jpg

(FWIW all symbols are free hand not transfers.)

Comments and criticisms are always appreciated :)