Monday, 15 April 2013


I would hazard a guess that most people who play 40k have at some point, even if they no longer do so, collected a space marine army.

My love affair with all things blue began one Christmas Day round my cousins house when I was given command of the blue squad in Space Crusade.  I dont remember much of the game itself but I remember being hooked and hassling my dad for ages to buy me some.  Being a bit of a gaming geek himself (albeit historical) my dad knew where these could be purchased and a trip to Another World in Leicester (before GW opened on the same street!) yielded up a box of the infamous RB01 beaky marines (£10 for 30-although I didnt seem to have enough bits to make 30?).  I still have them somewhere but they were painted with Humbrol paints and well, I was 10, so you can guess how they look.

Fast forward to my time working for GW when there were countless opportunities to benefit from more free space marines than you can shake a stick at (thank you Stock Take Booty!) as well as a very generous staff discount meant I could get the metal shoulder pads for 1p each.

Fast forward again to 2013 when I finally get around to doing something with them again, mainly thanks to playing Space Marine on the xbox 360.  

The ultimate aim is to paint up a full battle company plus lots of extras.  Even if they don't make a particularly effective force, hopefully they will still be fun to try out.

Freshly painted assault squad - started these in 2006...
 photo f506fbb48abb47de60d615d7ecd4026c_zps8ffa6416.jpg

 photo 07f2be688d453b1428374a408b113fb4_zps564cc325.jpg

 photo b4f8cf17271c60efabd1db44088780ae_zps52fff02a.jpg

My Company Commander 
 photo 2371d06cb6a2dff0af97bab338e6e937_zpsf0979090.jpg

 photo fb2f2e2bb69b5a7a8f9ac01acc6bde13_zpsbba54bbd.jpg

An updated tactical squad.  Painted these in 06 but have updated with a new base edge and some liberal application of nuln oil
 photo 94c7bb27fa248d50d65d0c67cc7e10aa_zpsbbe2a1f5.jpg

 photo 3b322580f91070f495ce51c2a4208129_zpsd9ae31dd.jpg

Comments etc always appreciated.  Plenty more to follow (if I dont get distracted, fickle soul that I am)