Tuesday, 18 March 2014

X-wing madness (and a cool conversion)

So, I've recently got in to the X-wing miniatures game.  Why? Well apart from being a big Star Wars fan, the real appeal is that the models are pre-painted. Now we've all heard horror stories of pre-painted minis but these are actually pretty decent.   That's not to say I haven't done a few bits and bobs to enhance the models, mainly a nuln oil wash and a few other bits.

I'm not going to post pictures of my regular ships as well, they're nothing special, but what I will do is post up pics of my converted YT-1900.

I cannot take the credit for this - it's all Nick (Link here for how he did it) - check out his blog to see all the other great stuff he's done.  What I did do though was paint it myself and I think it turned out alright, if I do say so myself...(and I do)

 photo 98C8ABC5-ACCB-46DB-8403-833BFC436AC0_zpsouj2vqzh.jpg

 photo 04320FD6-3D92-4F95-94C4-EAF1F19CCC6F_zpsrvkk6ql5.jpg

 photo C3D34682-E22D-40C9-BFBC-E840E9555E71_zps1eyf6l4j.jpg

And a side by side comparison with the Falcon

 photo A46E9B84-7FB3-421D-81DB-FD32571B1D59_zpsarxzii9h.jpg

Comments always appreciated.


  1. The only thing stopping me jump in head first in this system is money and my limited mind (to many systems screw me up!) The models are very cool for pre-paints.. I would say painted at a good gaming standard personally! The conversion is really good....

  2. It's a very simple game to learn actually-the rulebook is small as you know. But the models are quite pricey (although on par probably with GW).

    Nick takes all the credit for the conversion but the paintjob on the converted is mine. I found it impossible to match the original one so I just redid the whole thing. Overall though the pre-paints are of a high standard, which probably explains the price point.