Friday, 8 October 2010

Finally an update!!

Well it's been a while but I have been a busy ape. And I will update this blog several times over the next week to compensate...

First of all I went on holiday to Cornwall with the mrs. Was hoping to get some surfing done but the arm/shoulder wasn't up to it.   

However I did convince Kate to play the A Bridge Too Far boardgame by Battlefront (makers of Flames of War) with me. I picked this up from Maelstrom mid-August and whilst it's not the most complex of wargames/boardgames, it is good fun and we had the rules pretty much nailed by the end of the game. The only criticisms of it are that the rules are not always 100% clear on what happens in a specific situation (e.g. the paratroopers starting out with two supply tokens each on the initial landing) and that it's a bit too random at times.

Here are some pics of the board at the end of the game laid out on the slightly too small table in the caravan:





Kate insisted on playing as the Allies and stomped up the board with a flurry of above average favourable initiative dice rolls.  However, a change of fate in the final turn gave the Germans, together with their newly arrived Panzers, the opportunity to overrun and push back the stretched out allied troops.

The final result?  A tactical victory to the Germans after holding on to Nijmegen Bridge!

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