Sunday, 20 November 2011

Flames over europe

Started playing a campaign at the local club, Hulls Angels. It's only two a side as there arent many of us playing yet, but it's gaining in popularity (as is warmachine) and we've gained a couple of extra guys for turn 2.

It's a 4 turn campaign based loosely on Operation Goodwood and it's 2 real weeks per game turn to allow those plenty of time to get some games in.

So first game I played was against John, who took a British Tank Company from FE I think. The mission was Hold The Line for the Germans but with some extra rules to spice things up - the Germans got a couple of MG nests, anti-tank nests and a one shot rocket launcher, whilst the Allies got a naval bombardment viable as long as the c-i-c remained on the table.

This was the first time I had played John, who is an experienced 40k and Fantasy player, and I knew he wouldn't be a push over.

A tough fought game but my Tiger tank was the star of the match, shrugging off the fire of John's Shermans and decimating the platoon in return. The final coup de grace was delivered by an infantry platoon which destroyed another sherman platoon in close combat, forcing them all to bail, at which point the three remaining stuarts failed their morale check and fled the table.

The following week was against my regular opponent Doug. If you've been bored enough to read my previous blog entries I last faced Doug and his British paras in a slightly mismatched scenario. This time around the scenario was more balances, Doug was using the British special rules to force a night fight, and his paras were out for revenge...

The Germans set up - 1000pts of Fallschirmjager but roughly half were reserves off the table.

The paras advance under cover of darkness...

Some poor shooting by both sides due to the night fight rules meant this was going to get a lot bloodier before it was resolved.


German AA lie in wait

German reserves move up (after about 3 turns of failing to roll for my reinforcements). Meanwhile, the paras get ever closer to their objective (the pill boxes)


The machine guns in the pill box take a heavy toll on the paras but they take their objective and prepare to hold against the inevitable, desperate, counter-attack.


The fallschirmjager launch their attack knowing that time is running out. The timely arrival of the RAF pins the reinforcements (just to the left of the photo) and stops them pushing within charge range, so it's just one platoon that can get their on time.


And it all comes down to this. The British paras company commander hunkers down in the bunker. The tiger tank chooses to fire it's MGs knowing that it needs some lucky dice rolls to win the game...


Two hits. One failed saving throw. The bulletproof cover means a firepower test is needed to win the game for the Germans. One roll - can the Germans roll a six to win the game??


Well played Douglas ;) Get ya next time!

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