Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 - Looking forwards...

Happy new year to you all!

Looking back, 2011 was an interesting year from a war gaming perspective for me. The behemoth that is the Warhammer universe was put on something of a back burner with only game of 40k played all year. My focus instead was on the smaller scale of thing, both with Epic from a painting perspective, and with Flames of War which occupied me for the majority of it.

So what does 2012 hold projects wise?

Flames of War US Airborne - this will probably expand into a full on US infantry and tank force once plastic soldier company releases the relevant plastics.

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Flames of War Panzergrenadier force - I picked up a box of late war german infantry from Boyes in York (by plastic soldier company) and will be expanding these with the SKD's that they do at some point.
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Warhammer Fantasy - yes, you read that right. I have a large amount of half-painted Empire that I intend to finally finish off and I will be giving 8th edition a pop.

Warhammer 40k - I'll be finishing off my leman russ and three half-painted super-heavies over the coming year. I will also hopefully go back to my scratch-built titans and finish them off. Then when 6th edition is released I will hopefully be in a good position.

Dystopian Wars - once the mrs gets back to back from maternity leave and the money situation improves I intend to pick up a small force for this.

I hope the forthcoming year is a good one for you all!


  1. looking good bud, you're really cracking on with Flames! what about the nids btw?

    oh, and for wfb give us a shout when you are ready, i'll give you a game - i'm just about rubbish enough for you to get back in the swing against before you take on an experienced 8th ed player!

    how long til due date?

  2. Cheers, I just seem to be in a flames of war shaped-groove at the minute. The old mojo is a fickle thing so I'm making the most of it!

    Due today! But no sign just yet...

    The problem with the Nids is that they have been in storage at the in-laws for most of last year whilst we moved house. I haven't forgotten about them though and they will rise again at some point. (As will my Necrons which conveniently are all painted bar two monoliths.)

    I'll give you a shout when my Empire is up and running. They are next on my list after the US airborne dudes