Thursday, 12 January 2012

Is it fake?

Bit of an impromptu post this one, brought about by the leak of what is alleged to be the 6th Edition 40k rule book. I haven't seen this document myself as I wouldn't know where to start - law-abiding citizen that I am - but I've kept an eye on scuttlebutt on various forums.

So what do people think? Is it real? Is it an elaborate fake? Or is it, as is likely, an early playtest copy?


  1. we were talking about this at the club tonight, and most of think thats its a fake, but IF it did contain some of the bits in there 40K 6th Ed would be a nice system to play ;)

  2. I think its a fake, but like Anton says it would be a nice system.

    Mean while back in GW HQ the scribes are busy rewriting huge amounts of the Codex known simply as Edition VI.