Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wartorn Scarborough

So I managed to con persuade the wife that a trip to Scarborough would be a good idea, especially with all the uncharacteristically nice weather we are having.   Purely by coincidence it was the 2nd annual gaming convention run by the local club, Wartorn, at the Scarborough Spa rooms.

I won't go in to too much detail other than to say it was quite small BUT it seemed to be very well attended.  There was a decent mix of games going on as well as some good retailers selling a variety of very cool models that I was very tempted to purchase, had I had the funds.  One retailer even had sealed copies of Space Crusade and Advanced Heroquest for £55 a pop.  Given Space Crusade was what started the plastic crack addiction I was very tempted to pick it up and keep it on standby until my boy is old enough to similarly corrupt introduce.

As it happens, I was all set to purchase one of the above when the Warmachine 2 player starter set caught my eye.  I've been umming and ahhhing about starting this for some time, and well for £55 I figured why the hell not?? Especially as a very quick glance on ebay suggested it retails for over £60...  And if I end up hating Warmachine, well it's not too big a loss and I should be able to get the cost back fairly easily.

So what do you get?  Apparently quite a lot - over £100 worth of models if bought seperately and a mini rulebook, starter guide and dice.

Here are some very brief pics:

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There'll be more when I get started on the models.  The models are all plastic but look like resin, I've had a brief look at them and they look incredibly detailed.

So this is something that I'll be looking at, at the same time as I paint up my Warhammer Empire army - see the link here for the blog


  1. Welcome to Immoren bud! Its a different beast to the main gw games, but it's good for it!

    Which faction catches your eye most? Khador is very popular at the club at the minute though Menoth has many followers also.

    Although I focus more on the Hordes side of things, they are both essentially the same game and it is only really the Warcasters/Warlocks and Warjacks/Warbeasts that work differently so if you need a hand, give me a shout

    1. Quite liking the Khador models at the minute but I'm going to spend some time looking at the fluff and seeing what I fancy. The menoth models are also pretty sweet.

      Yeah I've heard it's almost completely different! I'll hit you up for a game when I've got the models painted - they'll be a nice distraction from endless empire state troops!