Thursday, 2 August 2012

Warmachine fever

So maybe that's a slight overstatement but these last few weeks I've been getting in to warmachine pretty much to the exclusion of everything else gaming wise. 

Played my first game with Mark who talked me through the rules (and very kindly let me win) two weeks ago and am set to test myself again tonight.  The aim is not to get my caster assassinated in the first two turns :D

I'm not really big into tournaments as, with the Warhammer games I have always been about creating a "fluffy" list and not picking the latest internet cookie-cutter list (although ironically my 4th edition mech guard ended up being just such a list in 5th edition), however with Warmachine the intention of the game is to be as dirty as possible, so I can roll with that, and will be aiming to make a tournament or two in the future. 

My initial objective is to get a painted list ready for a tournament being run at my old stomping ground in Leicester in November. Whether or not I end up attending is another matter but it helps to have an objective to aim towards.

Well enough waffle - first model finished - eKreoss

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Next up will be three warjacks...


  1. Looking good sir! glad to see you've picked the correct faction too! I'm currently working on a Menoth list too for the upcoming Hull's Angels charity tournament. I look forward to seeing you stuff in the flesh in the near future.

    1. Thanks Shane. I was down last night getting a game in against Ben's Skorne. I lost but I gave his boys something to think about...