Friday, 31 August 2012

Whoops! I did it again...

Yeah, I need another gaming system like I need a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Nevertheless with an upcoming birthday and the influx of funds that seems to bring (despite being in my 30's) (not that I'm complaining) I decided to pick up some Dystopian Wars.

Why you ask? Well, any background where the South wins the American Civil War usually intrigues me (I'm a big civil war buff-I even used to dress up and fire cannons) and combine this with 15mm gaming (which thanks to Epic, I love) a bit of naval/space combat (again, specialist games-BFG) then I'm sold...

So I've picked up an FSA starter fleet and will expand it to 800 points in due course.

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So what does this mean for my other gaming systems? I'm still "into" warmachine and am hastily painting up my menoth. Ive recently expanded it to at least 35 points and possibly a bit more if I am not fussy about composition. I've also started gluing my Khador together.  I'm working on my Teutogen Guard for my Empire and with 6th Ed 40k making more of an appearance at the club, then I've got several k of Imperial Guard already painted up, so no worries on that front :)

More soon :)


  1. Much like myself, you are drawn to shiny new systems.

    It is a good system, and between this and Warmachine there are plenty of new players.

    Plus its easier to transport, so good for pick up and play.

    1. I am a magpie :)

      Yeah although now I need a case to transport the models in. The battlefoam one I got for warmachine was £95 (but HUGE), so think I will get the KR one this time...

    2. Lol, even I don't have the Battlefoam one (yet) and I'm 14 models shy of full faction with the Trollbloods! They are nice though.

      If you get the official Spartan Games KR case I wouldn't mind a gander as I've been considering that one.

  2. Yeah the large case is overkill at the minute but I do have two factions I'm building up, so I could justify it.

    Just need to sell my GW ones so I can get a massive one for my empire army...that, and wait for the Black Friday sale in November and get 25% off :)

  3. Good news, glad to see your getting in to DW. More fun opponents for more systems is always good.

    1. Cheers Ben. Now all I need to do is find the time to play it :D