Saturday, 5 January 2013

Necrons - What next?

Back in the mists of time (circa 2003) having just started working for Gee Dub, I was told that we all needed a 2000 point 40k army fully painted.  The reason for this is not clear, but it was some edict from an area manager.

The quickest army I could think of was Necrons (back in the day when they had boltgun metal spray paint). So a quick phone call to the lovely Mail Order trolls and a large box of Necrons was winging its way to the store.  They were duly constructed, painted basically and then stuck in a case and basically forgotten.

But with the release of the book last year (or was it 2011?) I've decided to awaken them like the proverbial necrontyr.

So this is what I have:
40 Warriors
10 Immortals
6 Heavy Destroyers
12(?) Destroyers
2 Monoliths
Lord with Destroyer Body
3 Wraiths
2 Tomb Spiders
Load of scarabs

There might be some more but I think that is it.

The question is, can I make a half competitive army out of this? I dont want a ball breaking tournament list, just something reasonably fluffy but not a walk over.

And, what do I need to get in as few purchases as possible to achieve this?


  1. Well you have a good selection to choose from. Personally I would look at getting a few Ghost Arks and some Barges. Ghost arks are a pain to take down and help the survivability of your warrior squads.
    Up to you of course

    1. CHeers. I'm watching a couple on ebay - will snap them up if I can get the right price for them.

  2. I havent played 6th, but I know the sythes are awesome as well. Probably just a case of adding a few of the new units to enhance what you have...

    1. Scythes are the flyers? I've heard they are quite dirty!

      Problem is, there's so many new toys in the latest codex! I want to use my necrons but I don't want to spend too much to get them up & running. Will have to have a ponder.

  3. If you go totally mental and want another two Monoliths, let me know ;)

    1. For £10? Yes ;) As then I can do that weird Apoc formation with the force field etc.

      Keeling? Is that your author name then?

  4. The Necron flyer is the easiest model I've assembled from GW. Finished in 20 mins and as to painting well I dont think that would be hard either. Now the Ghost Arks are abit more of a challenge.