Sunday, 29 September 2013

Plastic Fantastic

Well it's been a while but I have been busy painting away in my ape cave.

After banning myself from playing on the xbox or ps3 (ps+ is amazing! how many free games??!) until I had painted my bolt action, I finally got them done.

So I've gone down the Army Painter route, but not physically dipping-applying it with a brush. Now, I have used a similar method on my nids but that was with wood stain and not with army painter. Is army painter different? I'm not convinced it's that much different although it is thinner and flows much more easily. However it's twice the price and half the size of wood stain. Still, I think it gives a better result so probably worth it.

Even though I used Army Painter, it's worth pointing out that you still have to spend time actually painting the base coat neatly, otherwise it will look, well, gash.

I did buy the matt spray from Army Painter, but I've heard horror stories of grey misting and chickened out, instead using Vallejo matt from a bottle. It took longer, but no risk of misting.

So without further ado-I think these are decent table top standard and I can always go back and paint in eyes and other fiddly bits:

Bazooka team
 photo 962B2B8D-48F4-489F-8AFE-92DBB0CC30B8-479-0000003D2E00E774_zpsdca2f679.jpg

 photo 6ED3C250-2E5E-4C10-B157-57B7DEEB2B49-479-0000003D34CA21EB_zpsf76755b8.jpg

 photo FC7770F7-E00B-4439-8F52-DE2594E28346-479-0000003D39C6B9A1_zps9e3041d4.jpg

 photo 77550D67-D469-4A09-ACCC-D6645AE9A20A-479-0000003D3F3BCDC0_zps4be10b7e.jpg

Forward Air Observer
 photo 0DE75E98-365E-47A7-88C6-048FA97D9F77-479-0000003D44D4E731_zps3744d3d9.jpg

 photo 0017BF47-0646-402A-B71B-9F5DD308EAB6-479-0000003D4ABCF095_zpsa26ffe6f.jpg

 photo 6BCB938E-A42E-4DD4-8B14-D181546F21BF-479-0000003D5069E516_zpsf11c3efe.jpg

 photo 6C17E379-3E55-4FA3-9D45-8B9ED0D85694-479-0000003D552D8A95_zps6c703726.jpg

 photo 5C135F85-6C93-432E-8409-7CA2969AC9A3-479-0000003D5C41D6BA_zpsefb002fb.jpg

50. cal
 photo 6D8BA1F8-89A8-49A5-8BCD-788F912E6F68-479-0000003D689DAF0F_zpsb62f24e8.jpg

And an awesome Spanish guy from a wedding I went to in Spain at the weekend - the man is a legend and I salute you and your dancing skills Sir!

 photo 8C22C417-B7FF-48C7-8A50-3A001289E8B3-479-0000003D868732F8_zps1dff5f2c.jpg

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