Saturday, 20 July 2013

W'art(orn) a disappointment...

Just a brief blog post following my annual pilgrimage to War Torn in Scarborough a month or so ago.

I'm not sure what happened but it seemed a bit flat compared to last years event.  I was speaking with a chap at the Warlord Games stand who agreed with me on this point.

When I attend one of these conventions I hope to see new games and systems that tempt me to part with my money. In particular I had been hoping to see some Infinity and maybe some Mercs on display.

In the end I settled on a few Bolt Action bits and rounded off my US infantry (the majority of which I had bought from Total Wargamer for £55 (£20 off rrp!) for Fathers Day).

So why no pictures? Well I've put the smurfs back in their boxes for the time being to focus on the new "craze" sweeping my local club - Bolt Action.  I will get pics up asap.

In the meantime I have also been tempted back into Warmachine, although I haven't painted anything I did pick up the Judicator and the 2 player Hordes battle box as part of a 3 for 2 deal in York.  It was completely unintentional as I had only popped in to town to pick up some paint after I finished TA training on Sunday, but with Travelling Man on the same street as Boyes, I made the mistake of thinking there was nothing that I would want.  Oh well, £130 (after selling the Kraken) for the two items is a bargain!

Expect pics of something very soon.

If you've read this far then thanks! You clearly have too much time on your hands!!!


  1. I've not been to War torn before but from all of the hype I was expecting something more. It was very lack-luster.
    I'm thinking of digging my menoth out for warmachine myself as a break from painting Tommies in the very near future too!
    Perhaps we'll meet across the table some day ;)

  2. Well I understand you worship Menoth, but from what I've heard you worship the wrong Menoth. There is only one Menoth and only one way to worship him-my way. If you disagree then there is indeed a good chance we will meet across the table ;)