Friday, 24 June 2016

Star Wars Rebellion - unboxing

It's been almost two years since my last post. Lots of hobbying has gone on but time to devote to this has been short!  This unboxing is not in depth but should give you an idea as to what you get in the box.

I got this for Fathers Day and it was purchased from Mighty Lancer Games - check them out at and like them on facebook

I've learnt my lessons from Imperial Assault and have bagged and tagged all of the components (whilst watching England play Slovakia).  Hope to play my first game in a week or two.

So as always, less waffle more pics. Enjoy

 photo IMG_5329_zpsoeoozqxz.jpg
The Box itself

 photo IMG_5330_zpsbplbhehh.jpg

 photo IMG_5332_zpsxc2xuzgg.jpg

 photo IMG_5333_zpsh2msslew.jpg

 photo IMG_5334_zps0095wm6r.jpg
all the toys!

 photo IMG_5335_zpscs58z2xd.jpg

 photo IMG_5336_zpstwj2ovx2.jpg

 photo IMG_5337_zpshzxcndrp.jpg

 photo IMG_5338_zpslx02sup8.jpg
More distinctive dice from FFG

 photo IMG_5339_zps7mktginc.jpg

 photo IMG_5340_zpszufgght7.jpg

 photo IMG_5341_zpsvfz8ubhv.jpg

 photo IMG_5342_zpsz2zbgfa4.jpg

 photo IMG_5343_zpsaiebtmzp.jpg

 photo IMG_5344_zps5jmtp1af.jpg

 photo IMG_5345_zpsxikfzyvg.jpg

 photo IMG_5346_zpsmmjwlq4n.jpg

 photo IMG_5347_zpsvf8e05qr.jpg

 photo IMG_5348_zpsif8rvpbh.jpg

 photo IMG_5349_zpsln4sujyl.jpg

 photo IMG_5351_zpshmahogja.jpg

 photo IMG_5352_zpsmlzudgl5.jpg

 photo IMG_5353_zpshq0tj3lc.jpg

 photo IMG_5354_zps7sogvfao.jpg

 photo IMG_5355_zpsgqrckp2j.jpg

 photo IMG_5356_zpspnkgehso.jpg

 photo IMG_5357_zpsuhxer4s9.jpg
Three beautiful orbs of doom

 photo IMG_5358_zps9hgbggwl.jpg
The Death Daggers

 photo IMG_5359_zpsyr8m8md7.jpg
Beware the flying Triangles of Tyranny!

 photo IMG_5360_zpsw4c57k1s.jpg
The Robot Elephants march on

 photo IMG_5362_zpsufxj8paq.jpg
The meagre rebel fleet...

 photo IMG_5363_zpslsfyc5qt.jpg


  1. hehe.. Have you given up on the Facbook? I finally just removed myself off until the country calms down and the keyboard warriors bugger off!

    Is this a planet based game?

    1. Sorry mart only just seen this! Nah I just decided to resurrect the blog as it's easier to do than Facebook for this kind of thing. Yes it's planet based in so far as you take over planets with ships and shit (empire) or by eroding the empires influence (rebels). Still not played it yet tho as played infinity on holiday instead