Monday, 2 August 2010

Welcome :)

Hello - thanks for checking out my blog. I have been inspired to start this after reading Spence and Ant's blogs. So this is an attempt to inspire myself to paint my ever growing collection of models and to document my toils.

Here is me with my hard-earned bronze Golden Demon trophy.  Some may claim that I stole this trophy, but that would be a lie :shifty:

So far, I have well over 5 k points of Imperial Guard - this army is my labour of love. I am always expanding it and I don't think it will ever be finished. I will be putting up pictures of already painted stuff and work in progress stuff.  To further expand this force I have scratcbuilt two Warhound titans and a Thunderbolt fighter-mainly because if I bought them from Forgeworld, the mrs would castrate me...

Here's a quick preview of my two scratchbuilt babys! I will put up more detailed pics at a later date-they are still work in progress and quite rough looking!


I am currently in the process of painting a large Tyranid force.  I will be painting this using the dipping technique, mainly because the thought of painting 100 odd gaunt variants in detail!!!  Again, pics of what I have done already will be posted up soon.

I'm also a big fan of Games Workshops Specialist Games. I have an extensive Imperial fleet for Battlefleet Gothic and an ever growing Epic Imperial Guard army.  In an attempt to get more friends to play it, I also have a painted Epic Space Marine force, a large Epic Tyranid force and an Epic Ork force-which I bought this year off eBay in a large lot, and is still in its boxes awaiting construction!

Right, well that's enough for now-if you've got this far, then well done :D


  1. welcome to the dark side AK, glad that my blog has inspired you to crack on with your own, I'm intrested in the dipping technique as I've seen it dome but not sure how to actually do if that makes sense? do us a step by step ;)

  2. Take a look at my latest post - I hope you find it useful. I have waffled on a bit so just scroll down until you reach the pictures...